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Tri An Lake

Relaxing Biking Tours to Tri An Lake in Dong Nai Vietnam for a Perfect Day

Among the best sports tour packages from Ho Chi Minh City, the biking tours to Tri An Lake in Dong Nai is a fantastic way to perfect the day trip. Have you ever heard about this off-the-beaten-track lake? Tri An Lake remains quiet and little-known to tourists, which opens the ideal environment for cyclists to relish the beautiful scene and absolute tranquility. Also, it’s exciting to watch how the local fishermen catch fish in the lake.

Highlights of Tri An Lake in Dong Nai

Tri An Lake is a man-made lake which contains water to support Tri An Power Plant in the south of Dong Nai Province. It is 323 square kilometers, with some islands of various sizes around. In addition to the concrete dams, it offers several ideal corners for camping and picnics. The beautiful countryside scenery can feast visitors’ eyes and minds. The whole landscape remains enchanting and peaceful enough to please the romantic souls who can later make poems or compose the songs. In regards to the natural landscape of the lake, it is awesome as sometimes, you can see the cloud lazily flowing above or the wind playing with the surface of the water.

Two highlights to see in Tri An Lake should be Dong Truong Island and O Island of Vinh An Town, Vinh Cuu District, which provide the great bases for campfire and picnic. And if you look a bit further, it is possible to view the distant captivating Nam Cat Tien National Park from the island spots. If feeling interested in a quick boat trip, you can hire a boat, lie inside, and let the current bring you away from the inner worries. The journey is perfect when you can mingle with the friendly locals who welcome you to visit and respect the merit of the lake. Watch how the fishermen catch the fish in the lake. One specialty is “Ca Lang” (Hemibagrus Fish) which is a great ingredient for fish soup, fried fish, grilled fish with salt and chili, and hot pot.

Tri An Biking Tours for a Relaxing Weekend Escape

Want an escape from the city bustle? Let’s start Tri An Biking Tours to the spectacular lake on the two-wheel vehicle, have fun, cherish the beautiful scene, and get exciting experience. The picturesque display of the lake, the sun, the sky, and the wind in Tri An makes the trip rewarding when you ride a bike and reach the destination. It not only is for your good health, but also for the memorable experiences and happy sightseeing.

Cycling to Tri An Lake, you can breathe the pure air which can even “heal you from top to toe.” Around 80km from Ho Chi Minh City, this spectacular site perfects a day trip by sightseeing the tranquil beauty of the lake and the surrounding wildflowers, breathing the cool air, and watching the fishermen catching fish. During the biking trails, you’re likely to meet many other motorbikers and bus passengers who share the interest in visiting Tri An – the ideal weekend getaway, especially for the cyclists. Besides pleasing your eyes, the lake can also fulfill your stomach with the delicious fish food.

Nearby Tri An Lake is Ma Da Forest which together establishes the incredible Vietnam biking tours that cyclists can enjoy in one day. The scenery along the biking distance is so verdant, scenic, flowery, and peaceful that takes your cycling to the next level of relaxation and excitement. Pedaling to Tri An Lake, and you will understand why other tourists and cyclists choose to spend their weekend in this address. It is not by chance that cyclists overcome their limit to visit the spectacular lake and come back to it whenever they want a short relaxing escape from the bustling Saigon.

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