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Ta Lai Village

Discover Ta Lai Village with Chau Ma Brocade in Nam Cat Tien National Park

Cycling to exotic destinations has been a big thrill to all cyclists, and a package of Vietnam Biking Tours to Ta Lai Village ensures the great adventure on a two-wheel vehicle. Ta Lai village is located by the edge of Nam Cat Tien National Park, Tan Phu District, Dong Nai Province, which is known as the residence of Chau Ma people who master the unique brocade. The brocade weaving has been a beautiful tradition in the life of the Chau Ma people as well as the local pride preserved by generations. Let’s go with Bike for Life Vietnam and visit this exotic village.

Visit Ta Lai Village in Nam Cat Tien National Park

Locate south of Nam Cat Tien National Park,  Ta Lai ethnic village is home to the Chau Ma people who mainly earn their living by weaving brocade. The ethnic women are skilled at weaving the daily items of towels, scarves, skirts, blankets, pillows, etc., as well as the religious stuff used in the important events like wedding, funeral, and festival. The brocade products are all made by the female villagers.

A common image in Ta Lai Village Dong Nai is that a woman industriously working in a handloom with their skillful hands to create the colorful patterns on the traditional brocades. In spite of the low income, they love their jobs and keep the tradition. Also, they form a group of the best artisans to train the later generations how to weave the brocade in the Chau Ma style. According to the experienced weavers, the Chau Ma men choose a wife based on her ability to weave the wedding dresses and blankets. Therefore, local girls have been trained how to split cotton, thread, spin, etc., as early as 8 years old. Then, they practice weaving sophisticated patterns on the brocades.

Chau Ma brocade comes in various forms and sizes that better serve the locals’ daily needs as well as the tourists’ souvenir demand. The little items like money pockets, scarves, wallets, children’s schoolbags, etc., attract visitors to buy. The harmonious display of color, pattern, and style of the Chau Ma brocade is the result of the long-lasting tradition that needs preserving and respecting. Not only do the villagers appreciate their traditional career, but also the tourists feel interested in buying the handmade brocade items.

Join Bike for Life Vietnam to Ta Lai Village from Saigon

The two-days biking tour Ta Lai Village in Dong Nai welcomes all cyclists and thrill-seekers who might get started from Saigon, take a transfer to the preferred base, and start riding a bike to discover the ethnic site. The exotic village opens the authentic opportunities to witness the traditional Chau Ma brocades, connect with the friendly villagers, cherish the untouched natural landscape, and purchase the handmade souvenirs. The local households also offer interesting scenes to take pictures and learn some pieces of culture.

Video Clip on Chau Ma Ethnic Group at Ta Lai Village in Nam Cat Tien National Park

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