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Ma Da Forest

Heartening Jungle Biking Tour to Ma Da Forest in Dong Nai Vietnam

Jungle ride is one of the best activities to get immersed in wild nature, away from the city pressure via the sports tourism model, and Biking Tour to Ma Da Forest in Dong Nai Vietnam is a perfect package to experience. Any cyclist who wants to challenge themselves by biking through the jungle and make friends with nature can start a journey on the two-wheel vehicle and find what is behind the rainforest, how exciting it is to listen to the birds’ songs or bike through the cool stream, etc.

Ma Da Forest – An Ideal Destination for a Vietnam Biking Tour

Ma Da forest is located in Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province, around 90km from Ho Chi Minh City. This destination has the history linked to the war with lots of legendary stories. Ma Da not only is a historical attraction but also a natural site that encourages people to discover the giant primitive forest, the intact wildlife environment, and the scenic sceneries along the way. It is definitely perfect for the Jungle Biking Tours in which cyclists uncover “the curtains” of the rainforest so that the joy of cycling reaches the next level. It is not all about pedaling, but discovery and excitement.

With this biking trail, you can expect to be captivated by the spectacular and intact scenery of the Dong Nai River, the immense rice paddies, the undulating hills, the cool streams, and the verdant forest. Believe that no road can block you, it is possible to overcome some challenging roads during the 10km forest trail. The greenness of the journey will help you refresh and hearten you up to bike effectively with the happy thought, victory sense, health, skill, and team spirit.

It is the green scenery of Ma Da that wins the tourists’ admiration. Sometimes, cyclists feel as if they are getting lost in the magical green world because the spectacle is quite similar to the one of the fairy forest, with the age-old trees, the young leaves, and the mysterious bushes. There are a variety of trees to figure out (rosewood, oil wood, etc.) herbs, vegetables, etc. And, the incredible things are the colorful butterflies and the squirrels. Whenever you catch the right moments, stop the bike and take pictures. Of course, photography and sightseeing opportunities are boundless.

There are moments to take a rest in Ma Da to listen to the songs of the birds or to see the leaves swaying in the wind. At that time, the soul becomes calm and easy so much that you enjoy the escape to the fullest. What’s more, nearby the forest is Tri An Lake which is famous for the romantic, enchanting, and tranquil riverscape. Pedaling to the lake if you feel interested. Else, the jungle biking in Ma Da Forest is enjoyable enough. It gives you the fresh emotion and inspiration to better up the healthy lifestyle.

Ma Da Jungle Biking Tours

The best time to ride a bike to Ma Da Forest is from October to June when it is dry and cool. Riding a bike to this green land, you witness how very diverse and beautiful Nature can be to feast eyes and minds. The hassle-free jungle brings you away from the city bustle and joins the evergreen and peaceful jungle world. After the trip, stress is left in the forest and worries are diluted. It’s time to overcome your biking limit to complete the estimated cycling path of 20-35km (optional), to view spectacular scenery, enjoy local lunch, and make friends.

Let’s bike, have fun, tell jokes, discover new places, and create sweet memories together! Ride your bike to the places you love, and Ma Da Forest Dong Nai is a worthy destination.

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