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Can Gio Mangrove Forest

Refreshing Vietnam Biking Tours to Can Gio Mangrove Forest nearby Saigon

Recognized as the Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Can Gio Biosphere Reserve is also a significant wildlife sanctuary in Vietnam that appeals to all nature lovers, and even the cyclists who are happy to take the Vietnam biking tours to Can Gio mangrove forest. This is an attractive wetland situated in Can Gio District, around 45km from southeast of Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon). Cycling to this green land, you access the different shelter filled with the mangrove and rare botanical species.

Highlights of Biking Trips to Can Gio Mangrove Forest

Can Gio Mangrove Forest is a verdant rendezvous for all vacationers who want to run away from the city bustle and make friends with Nature. Cycling to this green reserve, you are showered with opportunities to meet the wildlife, enjoy the weekend, and relax in the fresh ambiance of the “green lung” of the South, away from the city pressure. The first Biosphere Reserve of Vietnam, Can Gio, is ideal for the biking tours with the flexible itinerary.

During the biking trips, you’re likely to meet other motorbikers and bus riders who go to Can Gio also for the weekend escape. While some guests are taking pictures of the scenic sceneries, the others are checking in the Monkey Island (Dao Khi), Vam Sat Mangrove Forest, and Can Gio beach. The spacious, quiet, and free-of-traffic-jam roads will please the cyclists who are encouraged to do their best to cycle and enjoy this sports tourism model.

The scenic spots are just along the way, so you’d better stop the bicycle and then use a camera to take pictures of the mangrove forest, the birds, the river, the sunrise reflection, etc. Note that there are just a few households and shops on the roadsides. A spot to see during the biking distance could be Monkey Island that is filled with lots of monkeys and pristine wild environment. Then, you head to the intact 30/4 Beach where to enjoy the beach scene, the breeze, and the yummy seafood. Sightseeing during the biking adventure is just awesome.

Furthermore, the biking trips to Can Gio can include the visit to Can Gio Market. Nearby the market is Lang Ca Ong (a shrine to worship the Whales) which is an important local attraction. And, 50m from the beach is Dong Duong seafood market that sells crabs, mini crabs, fish, snails, shrimps, etc., at quite reasonable prices, but bargaining is necessary. Also, you can ask the merchants to give advice and cook the seafood for you on the spot.

Tips for the Enjoyable Cycling Tours to Can Gio

As the roads to Can Gio remain quiet and free from traffic jam, they become a good “prey” to the bad guys who sneakily throw the nails to harm others’ bikes, which force the repair services. In this case, if the tire of your bicycle is punctured, make sure you have a saddle bag (containing spare inner tube and tire levers) and a pump. With the accessories on hand, you are able to handle the basic issue like the puncture. On the 45km road, you should be alert as other vehicles with the higher speed might pass. And, use both brakes to take the best control of the speed. Another advice is to stop and take a rest after every 10km biking.

The biking day tour to Can Gio mangrove forest enables all cyclists to find a great way to relax after the pressure weekdays. Around 45km from Ho Chi Minh City, Can Gio destination is absolutely perfect for the weekend biking tours. Therefore, instead of investing the weekend in the local café or staying at the hotel to surf Facebook, let’s pack and cycle to Can Gio and refresh to the fullest.

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