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Cai Be (Mekong Delta)

Meaningful Vietnam Biking Tours to Cai Be Tien Giang of Mekong Delta

Vietnam Mekong Delta area is a charming green destination which is known for lively floating market, lush greenness, peaceful countryside vibe, friendly residents, and juicy orchards, which ensure the happy biking tours to Cai Be Tien Giang – a perfect place to for the first bike episode. The cycling trips bring you to the next level of sports tourism model that you might be longing for, to ride, laugh, taste Mekong Delta food, take pictures, and get nice experiences in the weekend escape.

Cycle to Cai Be Tien Giang – What to expect from this new trend

Cai Be is a small town of Tien Giang Province in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, around 110km from Ho Chi Minh City. It has been a common thought that this region is ideal for cruises, and now it is also great for the Vietnam Biking Tours. The river-land mixed town has scenic and fresh countryside landscape to please all cyclists, especially those coming from the big cities. People can be interested in cherishing the beautiful rural charm, visiting the local lush orchards, and sightseeing the floating markets along the ride. In particular, Cai Be Floating Market has been famous for the spectacular waterway scenery in which the busy merchants sell things on their wooden boats.

When you are riding a bike and catching the scenic sights, just stop your bike and then take photographs. There are a lot of things to capture, such as the full-of-fruit boats, Vietnamese southern traditional houses, verdant tree ranges, lush orchards, smiling kids, etc. Above all, the green and idyllic Cai Be scenery makes your biking comfortable and pleasant. You can expect to see lots of mysterious canals which contribute to the rustic beauty of the destination.

With Cai Be Biking Tours, cyclists can reach almost every corner of the town, within the biking distances. While nature is so fresh and fertile, people are so friendly and hospitable that treats you like the close friends. Believing that Mekong River is mighty and Mekong Delta is beautiful, Cai Be reflects the tranquil and charming side of the destination, plus the dynamic floating markets and local activities to mingle with.

What’s more, make sure you check in the Cai Be orchard gardens located in the north side of Tien River. Not only Cai Be is the largest orchard provider of the Mekong Delta, but the favorable stop for all tourists, thanks to the tasty fruits such as mango, jackfruit, orange, apple, grapefruit, mandarin orange, etc. The fruits are available four seasons, and each season offers the certain juicy specialties that cheer up all guests. Especially, the Cai Be mandarin orange is so famous for its sweetness that is taken into the local songs.

After some rounds of cycling in Cai Be, you get the yummy reward: a local feast of Cai Be food. Expect to please the stomach with the fried spadefish, the boneless snakehead fish filled with minced pork and served with rice paper, stewed chicken eaten with vegetable, gruel with duck and spinach, gruel with snakehead fish and bitter vegetable, snakehead skewered by the bamboo stick and grilled in straw, fish stew with water lily, fish soup, southern pancake, etc. The local food is mouth-watering and eye-catching while the dining time is wonderful amid the picturesque and peaceful landscape.

Cai Be Countryside Cycling Tours – A Perfect Weekend Escape Away from City Bustle

Biking to Cai Be Tien Giang, cyclists can get immersed in the peaceful countryside zones in which they can relax and befriend Nature. Meanwhile, the opportunities to eat fresh fruits, appetizing Mekong Delta food, and experience the local life activities will make your escape meaningful and memorable until the old age. Let’s bike for life Vietnam!

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