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Vietnam Mountain Biking Tours to Bao Loc Lam Dong with Exciting Trails

If you’re looking for the best place to cycle in Vietnam Central Highlands, then opt for the mountain biking tours to Bao Loc Lam Dong. This destination offers the exciting mountain biking trails for all cyclists to overcome their limit and reach the rewarding targets. Often recommended in the highland cycling routes, Bao Loc Lam Dong is worth your attention and actual experience to say whether it fits your biking passion.

Bao Loc City – A Favorite Destination for Vietnam Biking Tours

Bao Loc City is located in Lam Dong Province, in the Central Highlands region. Though not as famous and attractive as Da Lat City (the capital city of the province), Bao Loc is gorgeous and charming in itself with the mountainous trails, wildflower areas, and slow-paced life. The local weather is awesome, with an average temperature of 21 – 23 Celsius degrees. Some people call it “a pristine heaven” for the absolute peace and beauty of the foggy land.

Regarding the local tourist attractions, Bao Loc owns top natural highlights of Dambri Waterfall, Nam Phuong Lake, Tam Chau Tea Hills, LuBu Mountain, Dasara Falls, and Fairy Stream. The cycling routes promise to include lots of scenic corners to cheer up the guests and encourage them to improve their pedaling skills. People can try the cycling trails from Da Lat to Bao Loc or vice versa. This could be the 11.2 km biking in Lam Dong (optional) with the diverse challenges, such as the maximum elevation of around 1,000 m; riding a bike in this way brings the boundless healthy benefits as well as happy sightseeing and local experiences.

In fact, Bao Loc City offers lots of trails for cyclists to test their health and skill, plus the team spirit if they are pedaling in a group. Surely, along the trails are the spectacular sceneries of the pine forest, the wildflower, the romantic lake, the sparkling waterfall, and the mighty mountain. Along the trails are some local churches and pagodas that have the long history and significant spiritual merit.

Bao Loc Biking Tours with mountain trails to challenge yourself

As Bao Loc City is a favorite venue to organize many mountain biking tours, it has the ideal terrains and landscapes to satisfy the cyclists of various degrees. You can try biking from Da Lat to Bao Loc, with the optional biking distance, and surely the sightseeing opportunities will move beyond your expectation. The joy of cycling and sightseeing is well blended in this exciting sports tourism model. Instead of lazily lying on the hotel beds, it is time to get out, ride a bike, and reach the destination of your liking.

Whenever you catch the picturesque scenes and want to take pictures, feel free to stop the bike a while and enjoy photographing. Then, the journey goes on, which promises dozens of fun and joy that only the cyclists can achieve. While pedaling, you become friends with Nature and improve your health status better than ever. If somebody said that you would not be able to overcome 10km biking, then prove that YOU CAN DO IT right in Bao Loc – the green, romantic, and captivating land that stimulate you to cycle better. After all, you will be much surprised at how could you do it. And, know that the happy end awaits you: a delicious local feast, which might include the wild pork, “Can” wine, bamboo sticky rice (Com Lam).

Enjoy Bao Loc Biking Tours to pedal in the destination which is cool and scenic all year round. It’s up to you to decide the biking trails and distance, but make sure you can check in the top local attractions of Dambri Waterfall, Nam Phuong Lake, Tea Hills, etc. Go cycling in Bao Loc, and you will definitely be glad that you did it!

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