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Cycling Frequently Asked Questions

If you actually love the cycling sports and want to take this pedaling to the next level, getting answers to Cycling Frequently 10 Asked Questions

Cycling Frequently 10 Asked Questions

If you actually love the cycling sports and want to take this pedaling to the next level, getting answers to Cycling Frequently 10 Asked Questions so that you understand top concerns of the cyclists and then master the game. Are you interested in socializing at weekend with other bikers and even going on a bike tour? Discover more about cycling here.

#1: Do I really need the cycling shorts?

The answer is yes. The bike-specific shorts have padding built into the design which protects your nether area from the hard saddle as well as road vibrations. So, unless you’re biking the short commute, the cycling shorts are top things to buy.

#2: What are the differences between the road bike and mountain bike?

It is obvious that these two kinds of bikes have the different applications. Road bikes are equipped with more aggressive geometry, lower-volume tires, and drop bars. Differently, mountain bikes own the suspension system, bigger, knobby tires, and more relaxed geometry with the flat handle-bars.

#3: What are the advantages of the clipless pedals?

With the clipless pedals, the efficiency is enhanced by enabling you to pull on the back side of the pedal stroke. Furthermore, they offer the better bike control and handling when you ride through corners as well as dodge debris on the street.

#4: Should I wear a helmet when riding?

The bike-specific helmets have been the indispensable items of the bike trips. You should wear a helmet on whenever you ride a bike so that your head is protected from any injury. Understand that the broken bones can be healed but the head injury needs more attention and care than anything else. The modern cycling ranks have accepted the helmets, and it might be weird to see someone cycling without a helmet. Choose the comfortable and less bulky design to use. And, once you are used to it, you will believe that it’s a must to cycle with a helmet.

#5: Is the professional bike fit necessary?

If you schedule to bike a couples time a week, then the professional bike fit is a worthy investment. So yes, it is necessary. The fit will help you increase the cycling performance, reduce any injury because of the inadequate saddle height or the cleat positioning issue. For those that are feeling pain in the knees or lower back, the specialized bike fit is a good solution.

#6: Should I first get started with the expensive bike?

Good advice is to spend between USD$350 and USD$750 for your first bike. Also, it’s OK to find the used road bike that fits your size before going to the shop and invest USD$5,000 on a carbon road bike. Then, if riding a bike becomes a genuine passion, you can absolutely upgrade the vehicle.

#7: How can I bike faster?

The seasoned bikers might have more experiences in this question than the newbies. Carry out these steps to see whether they work for you:

  • Ride with someone that bikes faster than you, so you have a target to pursue and overcome.
  • Buy for yourself the power meter or heart rate monitor and begin interval training sessions.
  • Take care of your nutrition as well as recovery solutions.
#8: What are the necessary accessories for my bike?

Besides the helmet, it is surely worth buying some accessories for your bike, namely the saddle bag (to store spare inner tube and tire levers) and the pump. With these accessories on hand, cyclists will feel more confident on their bikes by knowing that they can handle the basic problems like the puncture.

#9: How can I find the local clubs or groups to ride with?

Ask the local bike store staff who are able to tell you the local bike groups and clubs so that you can join them. Be mindful to ask any question right away when you are in the store, as the staff is there to answer. The staff themselves might be the cyclists. You need to ask to get the answers. Also, if you would love to try the bike tours, visit the travel agents to check for the services. Biking in a group enhances the sense of excitement.

#10: What are safety measures do I need to take on a bike trip?

The cycling trips require the rules of bicycling safety, and all cyclists are advised to read them before the rides. Note that each travel agent might have more or fewer safety guidelines, and here is a glimpse for your reference:

  • Wear a helmet every time you are on the bike
  • Follow the traffic signs at all times
  • Cycle on the same side of the road as the direction of the moving traffic
  • Use the proper hand signals if you want to stop, slow down, and turn the bike
  • Share your information about the bumps, rocks, or other hazards on the road with other cyclists by signaling them via the physical or verbal way.
  • When you descend, increase the distance between your bike and the cyclists ahead. Meanwhile, keep eyes on the road and other cyclists. Then, descend at the comfortable speed.
  • Use both brakes to control the speed. Know that the front brake has more braking power than the rear one.
  • Be prepared for other vehicles to pass
  • Be cautious when encountering the wet pavement, railroad tracks, slippery or sandy roads, bridges, etc.
  • Get off the bike and walk whenever you are feeling uncomfortable to ride.
  • Stop first and then take pictures if you want to photograph the scenic landscapes.
  • Do not use earphones, cell phones, and camera while you’re riding. If you want to make a phone call, text a message, or take a picture, please stop the bike first.
  • On the mountain bike tours, stay on the existing trails as advised by the tour guides because it might become dangerous if you create the unknown mountain bike trails.

Top 10 frequently asked questions about cycling will aid you in having fun and enjoying the ride so that the journey on the two-wheel vehicle becomes most pleasant and memorable.

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